Mizane Jewellery

Welcome to Mizane Jewellers, artisans in jewellery design, manufacture and repair.

We work with a broad array of precious and semi-precious stones and metals and offer personalized design solutions to meet every customer’s taste and budget.

We provide highly-skilled, across-the-board design and repair services, specializing in quality handcrafted fine jewellery and antique jewellery repair.

At Mizane Jewellers, service excellence is our priority, ensuring every piece we make – no matter how big or small – is custom-made to perfection.

Take a tour of our site to find out more about our services for the public and the trade, and explore our gallery for a taste of just some of the magnificent rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and more that make up our extensive portfolio. 

Jewellery that suits yourself!


Made Jewellery with Perfectly Made Stones!