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About Us

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mizane Jewellers combines the knowledge of over 40 years in the business with the latest technology to bring you state-of-the art jewellery design and manufacture. 

Mizane Jewellers was established in 1990 by Ken Brandt, a noted South African jeweller, precious metal artist, and manufacturing jeweller who has been associated with Read’s Gallery, Amanda Appelby, and many antique dealers throughout South Africa and abroad. 

Ken specializes in the design, manufacture, repair and restoration of antique jewellery, as well as modern, contemporary pieces. Using the most sophisticated manufacturing processes, which include both hand and machine work, the exceptionally dedicated and talented Mizane team create beautiful customised jewellery of the highest quality for any occasion, including wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces and more. 

At Mizane, people are important to us: from our clients, who we ensure receive personal attention right from the start of the design process, through to the end result, to the next generation of jewellers. Because we are passionate about developing future designers, we not only train jewellery institute graduates through our Graduate Development Programme to give them the skills, knowledge and experience they need to become professional jewellers, we also provide them with a platform from which they can launch their own careers..

The word Zane means God is Gracious in Hebrew.

Who We Are

Ken Brandt (Owner)

Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith for Mi-zane Jewellery.